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In Progress XXXV- Speaking Engagement Journey

Your intention is to be in front of your client sharing knowledge with them, your industry expertise. Each day I thank Social Media for giving us all a voice to prosper. All opportunity for press, business ventures, speaking engagements, and credibility are online.

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10 Ways To Leverage Social Media In Commercial Real Estate

Figuring out how to translate building features into engaging content that people will want to read will promote the property in a more dynamic way. Strong pieces will often tie in to a roundup article on the top reasons why a tenant would live in that area.

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The Luxury Brand & Influencer Marketing Relationship

Where people are at today is online. Increasing web traffic is another benefit of luxury brand influencer marketing and one of the primary indicators that your message is getting out there and reaching customers. Influencer marketing for your luxury brand will help you get your message to more people, reach more of the right people and will make your brand stronger.

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