Lifestyle Models within your photography will achieve a distinguishable appeal to your clientele.


A young couple may see people like themselves enjoying artisan coffee in their large kitchen. A business person finds comfort in seeing a professional settling into a hotel room. A woman may see herself and her friends engaging in conversation at the finest restaurant in the city.


Elicit a desire to live the lifestyle you present through your property, business, hotel or restaurant.


Lifestyle Photography is best suited for Real Estate, Commercial properties, Restaurants, Hotels & other businesses.


tier II

1 Lifestyle Model l   1 Room l   3 Poses

Tier I

2 Lifestyle Models in one image l   2 Rooms maximum l   3 Poses


A custom option is available to suit your distinct images. 


pricing starts at $800.00+


Tier III

Commercial or Residential Property Photography

(without models)

Price varies by square footage.


start the process

  • Location size must be 1000+ square feet per room

  • Location must be styled with items, furniture & decor to suit your location's personality 

  • Photo Shoots must be booked at a minimum 2 weeks in advance
  • Be prepared to send me multiple images or a video of your location
  • I am glad to travel to photograph your business or property nation-wide with proper travel arrangements. I am located in the Philadelphia Area. Travel arrangements must be booked over 1 month in advance. 


Does your location need interior staging or styling for this photo shoot?

I partner with Interior Designers & Stagers to provide the decor you need. Contact me directly. 


model selection

  • Once your location is ready, I will send you a page with a variety of models both male & female to choose from to have in your photographs.
  • Model availability will be listed under each person
  • Outside of the Philadelphia Area? I will arrange to have models travel or select models in your area. Inquire over 1 month in advance.
  • Model will be notified for booking immediately following selection

All models are hand-selected by Francesca Ragucci Marketing to replicate the exact lifestyle element you request.


This location is eligible for Lifestyle Photography.


This location is not eligible for Lifestyle Photography.




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