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In Progress XLV- My Stay at Aria Resort and Casino

Absolutely, enjoying fabulous, lively Las Vegas. I am staying at the Aria Resort and Casino. This trip is a valuable lesson for me in the mindset of being at ease and confident with maintaining a level of communication and consistency when it comes to working with clients.

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In Progress XXXVIII- Autograph Brasserie Photographing and Dining

Another fabulous collaboration with Fearless Restaurants. A special thank you to Jaimi Blackburn for inviting me to Autograph Brasserie to photograph and document on video.

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In Progress XXXIV- Exploration of New Opportunities

My YouTube documentation ‘In Progress’ is giving me an outlet to explore new creative realms. ‘In Progress’ is the documentation of my life as an entrepreneur. The journey of documenting is allowing me to become more open in my speech and in my personality.

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