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In Progress XXXVIII- Autograph Brasserie Photographing and Dining

Another fabulous collaboration with Fearless Restaurants. A special thank you to Jaimi Blackburn for inviting me to Autograph Brasserie to photograph and document on video.

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In Progress XXXV- Speaking Engagement Journey

Your intention is to be in front of your client sharing knowledge with them, your industry expertise. Each day I thank Social Media for giving us all a voice to prosper. All opportunity for press, business ventures, speaking engagements, and credibility are online.

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College Sales Presentation- Miami Condo Investments

The college years. This is a sales presentation in my Senior year at Indiana University of Pennsylvania. The situation was Miami Condo Investments creating a joint venture with Microsoft to include their technologies within the residences. Serendipity is a theme since clients in commercial and residential real estate now partner with my business.

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