In Progress XLV- My Stay at Aria Resort and Casino

Absolutely, enjoying fabulous, lively Las Vegas. I am staying at the Aria Resort and Casino.

This trip is a valuable lesson for me in the mindset of being at ease and confident with maintaining a level of communication and consistency when it comes to working with clients. No matter their geographic location whether East Coast or West Coast right now.

I feel positive in growing my business nationwide. I will continue traveling and enjoying other parts of the country for business and for pleasure because Entrepreneurship is a lifestyle, owning my own business is a lifestyle. The lifestyle has me in this hotel room communicating with clients all over the nation.

One of the unique parts about this trip is it's such a comforting feeling that I can truly be anywhere in this world in this Earth and universe and create my journey, YES!! Whether I am in my office or traveling it's exactly the same and it just feels so good that I am at this level. I am at this point in my business where I'm getting up and traveling and I'm experiencing other worlds other parts of the nation and creation is happening within my business. It just feels amazing because this is a part of the lifestyle that I love and is just so freeing.

This is the lifestyle of Freedom. Freedom is a theme in my life. This is a true testament to living freely. I can physically be anywhere and still have a business and continue to create a lifestyle full of passion, discipline and courage.

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