Redefine Your Reputation: Social Media Strategy

In this video, I share the recent realization I had regarding my social media strategy and how I have transformed the aesthetics of each of my social media accounts. Today, I am choosing to create and  post intentional content on each platform. I am paying attention to what content you like to engage with on each platform and I am focusing on posting visuals that fit each specific platform.

I do not measure the effectiveness of my social media by how many likes or comments on each post. Instead, I focus on how well my social media presence represents my brand. My business is built on the concept of redefining your reputation. I create content that forms a cohesive brand on my own social media and my clients approach me wanting to emulate the same strong brand identity on their social media.

I invite you to look at each of your social media accounts more critically and consider redefining your reputation by transforming your social media strategy.

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