Targeting an Affluent Audience on Social Media

Targeting prospective clients takes time, dedication and work. With the affluent audience, the creative and message of your Social Media must be in alignment with the lifestyle of affluence. I am here to guide you through four strategies my company, Francesca Ragucci Marketing implements with our Monthly Marketing clients.

Advertise on Social Media

‭Allocate a monthly Advertising budget exclusively to Social Media; Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook and Instagram. Before we start creating the ads, I welcome you to open your mind to a new style of advertising. Gone are the ads of attention on traditional forms of advertising (magazines and television). The direct sale style on those mediums may turn sales there, however, social media requires a new, creative mindset along with multiple ways of targeting an audience. 

Create multiple photo and video advertisements that meet Social Media guidelines. Use multiple target audiences to reach an affluent client. A simple strategy to define your target audience is the live/work/play methodology. Write down or type the categories ‘live, work, play’. Live describes the geographic location of your client. Keep in mind, your client is likely to be outside of your city or location. So, target other cities too, spread the awareness of your business. Work means the profession and title of your prospective client. Play involves the world of activities they enjoy from dining, to events, to travel and luxury goods. 

(I talk about the Live/Work/Play Methodology in depth in another article. Take a look after this article.)

Advertising on Social Media provides another opportunity to reach more of your existing audience along with connections of connections. I recommend we set multiple advertising audiences and campaigns on a monthly basis. Let’s determine a plan for advertising. Firstly, take a look at your overall yearly and monthly advertising spend. Where are your advertising dollars going? Are you spending on print or direct mail? Evaluate your choices. I encourage you to have a health Social Media Advertising spend. Have the spend be equivalent to what you spend in a newspaper or magazine. That way you have clarity on the positive effects of Social Media advertising. 

‭Advertising is different from boosting a post. Advertising provides a data-driven approach to target, create and position ads.‬ Whereas boosting simply means you spending a little bit more on an existing Social Media post. You have access to targeting the high-net-worth on Social Media. Let’s work together to have a workflow that is consistent and effective. 

Hashtag Targeting

‭Applying hashtags to target an affluent audience to Social Media posts. Through the use of hashtags, add an affluent audience to existing Social Media network on a daily basis. While the Social Media network grows, apply the strategy of engagement (liking and commenting) on affluent audience Social Media accounts. This will provide access to a new network of contacts. Each campaign will have its own set of hashtags specific to that aspect of your business.

‭Hashtags are communities on Social Media to reach an affluent client. Using relevant, targeted hashtags on your posts and stories helps high-net worth individuals discover you and join your Social Media network. Hashtag research and selection is applied through the live/work/play model to breakdown the affluent client's lifestyle choices.‬


‭Consistent engagement on Social Media helps to expose yourself to an affluent client. Engagement is simply starting a conversation on Social Media. Image Social Media is an exclusive event where you can talk with those who matter to you in business. Search hashtags relevant to your prospective client, follow them and leave a comment on their post. Social Media’s sole purpose is to provide community first. Showing interest in their lifestyle will create a personable interaction with them. Relatability through shared lifestyle experiences helps garner a relationship that will turn into business.

Event Targeting

‭Event targeting is an excellent way to grow an affluent audience. Hashtags serve as a tool to research exclusive events and private parties. When events happen, many will share photos on Social Media about the event and geotag the location and use the event specific hashtags. This provides a way of growing the Social Media network affluent audience through event targeting.‬ Keep in mind, the high profile individuals are likely being discreet about their life. You may learn about the event days after or want to research closely at venues and hotels to scope out the private parties. It is less likely they are being blunt about the event on Social Media. Intuitively sense the element of illusive energy. Plus, I am positive you are attending the same events.

Are you curious as to how all of this is set in place so you understand? Well, my business layouts marketing strategies in a sophisticated way for you to keep. The use of spreadsheets helps us layout the first and last name of those affluent clients on your Social Media network. It is likely we will create a pdf or presentation that outlines all of this information in terms that you understand. Each one of my clients has different personalities and wants for communication. My strength is in adapting with each client. 

The Intention of the Monthly Marketing Plan

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