How We Start Our Luxury Property Campaign

I am taking you through my process of partnering with a real estate client who sells luxury properties. The homes are worth $2-$5+ million dollars which means the home typically are on the market longer due to a discreet clientele. As a result, the property marketing campaign is more sophisticated.

At the starting point, I create documents to outline categories of focus within the property description and lifestyle. Categories include- neighborhood information, school districts, proximity to getaway destinations, and demographics of the current residents. We get much more in-depth on social media when it comes to hashtags, keywords, photos and/or video, and additional post information.

A luxury property campaign starts with a timeline approach. It is imperative to inform me of when a listing will go live on the MLS in advance time. 1-2 weeks notice is excellent in order for us to gather information for our monthly call. Energy and thought-provoking information will bring out the best experience for you. When given this information at short notice say one day in advance, we will execute a simple introductory post though, what you truly seek is a detailed campaign. Bottom line, when we communicate details in advance on your luxury property campaign, this allows your client (the seller) to greatly appreciate the marketing plan you present which has an impact on the client’s perception of you which in turn impacts your reputation.

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