My Sponsor & Speaking Experience with Suburban West Realtors Association

I woke up this morning I had all of my material together including lunch. I got in the car and headed over to Suburban West Realtors Association. There, I had the opportunity to present in front of a group of realtors participating in continual education about consumer engagement online. My talking time was 5 minutes. Within this time-frame I knew it was most important to speak about valuable tools for them to execute on there own. I choose LinkedIn- notably the professional pleaser among a large crowded of experienced Realtors of multiple ages.

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My sponsor table was right outside the classroom so I had a nice view to the instructor as he was panning through slides. The material was intriguing- first about the history of the Internet, then moving toward social media and reviews. All of which are important deciders in the consumer decision making process. 

Many in the class were energetic to participate in this topic, one even had an Alexa and was thrilled with all of her sophisticated skills. Moving up on the technology ladder our smart phone garners more sophisticated processes to understand human behavior through communication & consumption & have humans dictate their behavior on smart phones.


During breaks & lunch, I had the opportunity to speak in greater detail with a few who wanted to learn more about my business. I was proud of my table, displaying business cards, portfolio books & my banner. As an affiliate, this opportunity to sponsor is open often. In the future, I plan to hold a vendor stand again at this association. Gaining one opportunity to work with a new client is greater than zero.


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