The Origin- A Biographic Depiction of a Bountiful Start



This is a story about me, and it is interesting because I define the word freedom through my experience. I was always making my own money. In high school and through college I babysat for multiple families at once. This gave me the freedom of each day financially & mindfully. Each day I woke up & proclaimed "YES! I am in charge & free." Two key words are perfect to describe this job description- free & flexible. Free, because I chose my clients through & referrals. For your information, I marketed this without social media. This was before the web 2.0 came in as a hardcore player in business exchanges.


Word of mouth was key. Get the parent to love my process, have the children love me & I am IN! That was my key to growth. A strong factor of income was I worked with my ideal clients. Yes, I did receive testimonials. This path continued through college. I lived away for four years while traveling back & forth for holidays. Early in college, I spent some time figuring out my next move. Then it hit me, photography. I always had an eye even using a digital camera. I learned how to use a DSLR & I was off to event & organization work around campus. I was heavily involved with the Student Photography Organization, HerCampus- a female driven national news resource & campus charitable fundraisers.



I knew before the financial reward arrived, it was practice time. I found events on campus went to them & freely photographed. When I carried my DSLR equipment, I got the looks as if I were a pro. The camera empowered me to walk up to large groups & ask to take a casual photo. After, I got their information & gave them the photo to share on Twitter-the goldmine for college students. I had a plan of attack every time I went out to shoot. I was documenting my journey & building relationship before I had any clue that my mannerisms were well-known business tactics. To me, I was a bountiful college student making the best of my born-with skills for the opportunity to strike out on my own terms.


Each opportunity presented new ones. The college dwindled down. I gazed out the window of my apartment contemplating my next move. I knew instantly that working for someone else was not the right move for me in the long-term being I spent many years earning income on my own. Post-graduation I spent many hours on the computer perfecting my craft in photography & marketing. I graduated with a Marketing degree along- side of taking multiple photography courses.  The focus within photography became real estate & architectural. On day trips, I spent most of my time photographing this subject so I gravitated towards it. I intertwined Marketing & Photography to enable myself to impact businesses in both sectors.


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