4 Part Q & A- High School Money Making to Business Practitioner

What were my early signs of entrepreneurial work ethic?

When I first started out on my entrepreneurial journey, I babysat. Babysitting taught me how to create my own schedule and make my own money and have clients who love me and referred me to other people. As I got into my college years, photography became a great love of mine. It was always a knack for me. When I was in college, I got my first DSLR camera, and that's how I took off with photographing events and portraits for different organizations. It taught me how to create my own schedule, how to continuously make my own money, and how to have clients who are happy with my service and referred me to other people.



How did I find Real Estate Photography?

First I started out in real estate photography, I always had a knack for photography, and after I got my DSLR camera I started getting comfortable with it. I went online on websites and social media and I noticed that many realtors needed help with better photography. I knew that I had the right tools to help them out.


Who is my ideal client?

My client is the person or group of people who are ready to commit and revitalize their business. What do I mean by that? I mean you understand that the mobile landscape is constantly changing and it's up to you to be at forefront of it. When I work with clients, my goal is to empower them to be different and yes, go outside of their box. Many of them are very familiar with social media and are looking for someone to get their ideas and their concepts wrapped up into sophisticated campaigns to suit each platform.

The client who I work with is the realtor. The one who's selling new development properties in the most desirable areas of town or the suburbs. The home builder, who's developing a custom home for their exclusive client. The interior designer, who's matching paints to furnishings and bringing a home to life. A boutique hotel, that place in your city or town where out-of-towners are coming to visit and truly flourishing in that area. These clients are working with their clients for a period of time, whether that's weeks, or months. For me, working with these types of businesses is a challenge that I am ready and willing to take on.


What is the process of working together?

When you and I start working together, the process is truly personal. You and I are working closely together in communication with all of your business activities.

The way we start off is with a simple call. You and I understand one another. I understand your goals and I get to explain to you more about the process that you are about to embark on.

When we get more in depth with the work, it is about, yes, posting on social media and putting content out there, using the right photos and pieces of information. It's also about creating the relationship. Social media is about creating relationships. You now have access to multiple business owners and your target client on social media.

It is up to you and I, when working together, to really hone these skills, to create collaboration efforts, to get you involved in being a primary resource in your area, whether that's articles, videos, blogs, or collaborations. You and I are able to accomplish that and then some.

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