🍽️Instagram Design Takeover- Restaurants

What does it mean to say a restaurant is Instagram worthy?

The social media mavens and trailblazers know the distinction of a restaurant that is perfect for Instagram. Now, I am not talking about your chain restaurants. I'm talking about the local gems, the noteworthy ones. When designing a restaurant’s motif to create culture, designers and architects have two big decision making factors on their hands- atmospheric qualities and the aesthetic appeal to drive in guests.

These guests desire locations to preserve the memory to share with their friends and large followings. The impact of social media influence has changed the way anyone approaches going to a restaurant and taking photos in general. Many restaurants across the U.S. are adopting the Instagram mindset when it comes to motif and personality.

What does it mean to have the reaction ‘WOW, I'm taking a photo of myself on Instagram!’ or ‘I'm taking a flat lay photo of my food.’ This article is meant for the Instagram believers, the people already understand the impact Instagram sharing has in today's society.


What are the must-haves to create sensational Instagram moments?


  1. Bright available light- Most locations rely on large windows for sunny days, but what about the cloudy days. Invest in spotlights or surrounding light of any sort and I am talking white bulbs not off yellow bulbs.


  1. Designs, patterns and colors- Answer this, what is your style? I recommend creating a simple mood board. Jump to Pinterest because Pinterest just has a great collection of photos of any sort. Mood- I am talking about feeling, color, experience. What are your primary colors? What type of design is involved with your restaurant, are you sophisticated, playful, or quirky?


Below are three locations I believe are shining on Instagram.


Root Restaurant is best known for its wine tasting and small bites on Frankfort Avenue in the Fishtown neighborhood of Philadelphia. There best Instagrammable moments rely on their interior with leather bar stools & symmetric, eye-catching flooring. This famous R logo & architectural design by Stokes Architecture calls for serious Instagram domination! The floor is absolutely perfect for restaurant goers to photograph their food or shoes- #ROOTphilly.


My Marketing two sense:

  1. The well-designed flooring screams Instagram! Clean the floors and put food and an assortment of other items on the floor to photograph. This floor is a statement & many people would create an intricate photo just to embrace the work of the designers & owners.

  2. Marketing material they put in a guests hands must have #ROOTRestaurant  The guest will immediately know they have an Instagram while they are in their location. They will follow them and they will be encouraged to post a photo of their experience. Today testimonials on yelp just do not cut it like a community of Instagrammers tell stories through photos (Which one sounds better to you?)


Continental Midtown is located in the midtown section of Philadelphia right next to Center City. Continental is one of the renowned restaurants of the world famous Starr Restaurant Organization and wildly famous award-winning restaurateur, Stephen Starr. This location exudes class, sophistication and dining on the swinging chairs. Yes, that's right! Those who eat on the second floor get to swing on a chair that hangs from the ceiling. It is a fine dynamic experience and one that you'll never get anywhere else. Their hashtag is flooded with happy, swinging foodies. The gold star of their Instagram derives from user curated photos. Each photo on their account is credited to the original owner & photographer showing the local support of influential Philadelphians.

CEO- @stephen.starr

My marketing two sense:

  1. Continental caption contest- with their fine dining fans around the national, this restaurant has a great hold on successful contest. Specific suggestions- captioning specific photos of food, dish of the month as quoted by an Instagram Influencer or showcase the amount of fun guests have eating & swinging!

  2. Instagram stories- it is imperative that Continental have a filter for users. Imagine there are about 100 people in the restaurant on a Friday evening and they have a filter available after entering. They then create a dynamic network of people who love the restaurant!


Society Café is located on W. 13th St. in Greenwich Village, NYC & lives in the Walker Hotel. The restaurant is housed with care and farmers market ingredients (YES!)  Society Café’s interiors is punchy with blue cushion seats & upscale vibe. This is a place for the healthy people, those who want quality. Look up at the ceilings and you will find shrubs and greenery running down like a vine. Do you believe this place serves fruits and vegetables from local farms? Just check out their website- New York, New Jersey, and Vermont.

Executive Chef- Christopher Zabita @czabita

My marketing two sense

  1. Guest curated content- have your guests video themselves at you restaurant & talk about their experience. Have a weekly questions they need to answer on video with #societyeats #societydrinks to involve a dynamic conversation.

  2. Instagram interior- Set up a station for vloggers & influencers to record themselves for their 100s or 1000s of fans, soon you will have influencers working for you. Think local, act global- you are located inside a hotel. Many guests are not native New Yorkers. This caveat allows travelers to take a stop at your restaurant, take a photo in front of your Instagrammable walls & use the #, all in a day's work.

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