Here is a discussion between Peter Buchsbaum, GMH Mortgage Services, LLC. Mortgage Loan Officer & I about getting the most out of social media.


Peter Buchsbaum- What would you consider to be good content to post on social media?


Francesca- When you are interacting with others on Facebook or LinkedIn, you have to stay relevant to that platform audience engagement.

For instance, on Facebook, you have your property and you have this beautiful feature called Go Live on Facebook. You are in your property, and it's before an open house. So you hit Go Live on your business page. First, make sure you have a business page before you do any posting. Why? Because those who are on your business page, your advocates, appreciate that real estate content. So once you hit Go Live, you have a property in front of you that you need to promote, and you need to bring out the features of it. Not just the factual features, more about the experience of what the new buyer is going to feel. What will their day to day be like, and describe how they are going to thrive within that home with family, company & work.

Another great way to utilize Facebook-particular content is pairing up with local small businesses. So find those businesses you love, and participate in what they're doing. Show them that you appreciate them. Oftentimes, going into a small business, as in a restaurant or a boutique shop, as the realtor, you are positioned as an authority of your township or your neighborhood. Position yourself to do a video or a photograph showcasing them as one of the best in the area, accentuate the assets. This location has been around for a long time, you remember what the place used to be like, and how it has transformed into one of the best.


Peter Buchsbaum- One of the things you and I have discussed is, what is the purpose of all this? Why am I reaching out to you, and what is it I am trying to accomplish?

It's not just, "Hey, this is Facebook Live, "and we want to be here," it is more a matter of trying to help people understand why would I call you (Peter is referring to me). So for me, the reason I call you is because I come at it from an older angle. I want be in a lot of places at the same time, and I can't. I can only be in one place at one time. But if I want to be in a lot of places at the same time, if I utilize you, you can get me there.


Francesca- You want quality people to know who you are, especially when going after a certain target market. You have to evaluate whom you are trying to go after and what types of businesses will get you in front of that person, or get you a transaction with a future client, or a seller.

The bottom line is, you are in a sea of competition wherever you are, and that is just the truth. The realtors who are on social media, who are on the platforms at the forefront where their clients are, they are winning, they are closing deals, and they are getting in front of more people each day. So you have to get in front of the camera, even your phone!


Peter- Hard to do sometimes, when you get up in the morning and think, "Oh, my goodness, "I've got to get in front of the camera." Video is kind of the new answer to the riddle. Because I think less and less people wanna read things. Less and less people wanna get deep into it. So it's a quick kind of education in a video, it's just easier, I can click it, I can listen to it over and over again while I am doing whatever it is that I am doing.


Francesca- That's right. There are so many different ways of taking in content without sitting down and just watching.