20 Somethings: The New Wealthy

In today’s world with the luxury of technology, it creates an abundance of opportunity. This is giving 20 somethings the privilege of the high society lifestyle. You see this group of people adorn their designer clothing, welcomed into exclusive events, and partnering with heritage brands.

We live in a world where when we have passion and devotion in our craft, we are able to work hard, achieve a credible reputation, and reap the fruits of our labor. This is true for anyone of any age. Specifically, I am going to talk about the 20 something category and why you as a business want to pay close attention.

There are many industries like real estate and fashion that expend energy to study the millennial generation. This article going to be different. We are going to make a genuine connection with this group of individuals. Before the internet era, you had to work your way up or be that one in 1 million person. Now, all we need is dedication, discipline, focus, drive, passion, and energy to devote to our pursuits in order to build wealthy relationships and gain recognition. Professions like Social Media Influencer, Lifestyle Blogger, Entrepreneur, Youtuber, Twitch Influencer, and more were born in this generation. These professions are sought after to companies for business development and brand growth.

Distinct brands like Porsche, Gucci, Chanel, Ritz-Carlton Hotels recognize that the 20 somethings possess a wealthy network of people and devotion in partnerships. We are surrounded by people who want to work with us and recognize the devotion to our craft. INC.com, Entrepreneur.com, and Forbes.com hail these devoted individuals on acclaimed lists and create content for those who are paving their own way in our world. Acclaimed lists like Forbes ‘Thirty Under Thirty’ and ‘Future Billionaires’ praise the chosen ones who tapped into their potential early on in life.

The rise of the wealthy 20 somethings is also attributed to generations of people who inherited wealth in their 20s thanks to a lineage of affluence. Let’s focus on the self-made individuals. People who came from humble beginnings and worked hard in order to reap the fruits of wealth in many facets of life. Acquiring wealth is a mindset, no matter the age.

As a business, recognize the rare opportunity to be first in their purchase decision. Whether it is a car, real estate or experiential goods, 20 somethings are in a stage of firsts. It’s a critical time for you to capitalize on this opportunity and engage with them online. Pay attention to them because they are on social media. That’s how the ‘New Wealthy’ finds professionals to work with on their exploration of life’s bountiful assets. They want to see your social media pages, your videos, and your website before they contact you.

They may know you have influence, but do you have Instagram?

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