My Opinion on Business Cards

A thought that's been on my mind recently is my usage of business cards. The last time I ordered business cards was Fall of 2017. It is now Summer 2018 & half of the cards are sitting in my office drawer. I use them infrequently. The typical occasion they are "in use" is when I am speaking at an office and an office manager requests cards. From these experiences, I have no proof of receiving a call or email from a business card laying on a desk. In fact, I know in my mind they will go to the waste can eventually or get stowed away in another office drawer. 

I have cycled through many a business card throughout my business. From the start, I found many reasons to put them in people's hands. After giving away so many, the 'rewards' failed to reap. All of my business came and still comes from online.

A business card was invented as an easy way to slip your immediate contact information into a potential client's hand. This served as a simple way to demonstrate that you are an 'official' business. In fact, the hailed business cards served as a key indicator that you are in fact the proud owner of a business.

I agree, business cards were excellent resources to keep in contact with connections, business partners, & acquaintances you want to meet. The 2-by-3.5-inch pieces of card stock have long been a staple in executive briefcases. Exchanging cards helps to break the ice and provides a quick reference for new connections. Have you ever got home from an event with a smile on your face now that you have 20+ business cards of potential new business relationships? I empathize with that notion. 

As I accumulated business cards, I found many who I spoke with were people I did not build a relationship. Why? Well, the main location I collected business cards were events. Those who I swapped cards with had ulterior intentions or were in a contest of who could collect the most business cards.

The main way I connect with potential clients or other business owners is through social media which give more upfront information than a singular business card. Go right on a business social media & you will find plenty of key information- contact, website, about, service, testimonials & more! Plus, you did not waste paper, all you did was go for your phone. 

The most fruitful relationships I have have come first from social media or in person. How do I connect with people in person since I do not give out business cards? I ask them for their LinkedIn or social media information. The conversation is flowing nicely then I will get their information & store it in my phone.

All in all, I will no longer have business cards & will rely on adding them on social media right on the spot. 

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