The Mindset of Interior Design Photography

I walk into a room next to me is a table, magazines laid out, candles, flowers to my left- a sofa plum, green white white with a bold colored blanket stroking the left cushion of the sofa. The pillows are off-color to the blanket. Next to that sofa, a lamp- modern & sophisticated. Across the room is a table with your favorite fancy wine glasses, the ones that you pull out when your friends come over, your best most cherished friends. Right beside the glasses lyes a wine cooler with the rarest of reds and the softest of whites. Hanging on the wall pictures from exotic lands or an abstract thought.



This is the perspectives interior design evokes whether it is a warm tone vibe or a modern white elegance vibe. Designers evoke feeling through rooms, they are room artists. To portray such emotion through a camera I walk close-up to that table with the magazines, focus in to blur the background. Why do I blur the background? To focus on the objects & textures of the space. I then take a close-up of that throw over the sofa, those bold colors up against a white wall or Earth  (let's stick to the example from earlier). Next, I am taking a photo of that big wall of pictures and next to that wall is the table so again another photo with the wall and the table. Once more, I am focusing on that sleek lamp with the sofa, table & wall of frames.


A designer is working in one of two ways- number one, with a realtor or developer through the process of selling a home. Number two, a homeowner who is tired of the way their home looks & is ready for a change. A designer is called in to bring everything together and make the home feel full and like a home.

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