📸The Mindset of Real Estate Photography

I walk into a property, go into the mindset of capturing the broad spectrum of the property, capturing each room from different angles. I set up, everything is ready- flashes are on, room lights are on, ambient lighting- check. I position my camera to hit the room in different perspectives. Here's an example; if I was in the dining room my camera would position to photograph the dining room table from the head chair straight back & the dining room table diagonally.


Now, I am taking a photo of the island in the middle of the kitchen so the sink, dishwasher and oven are behind the island. I take another angle where the camera is pointing toward the kitchen table and the drawers are visible in the photo along with the cabinets at the bottom of the island.



Every single room I am putting myself in the mindset of a guest to an open house or a guest of how the future homeowners visitors will see the home. When a guest enters a room they slowly spin around to view the full picture. They don't just walk straight through and not glance at every nook. The open house guest walks into a home for the first time, it's fully staged, they look at how much space is in between the bed & door or if there is a way to fit double beds in the room. They go into the bathrooms and see where the toilet is in comparison with the master bath tub or if it's a powder room and there is a small shower.


It is up to me to present the home for its grand reveal to the future buyer in an expansive way so they can flip through collection of images & check out three or four kitchen angles, three or four dining room angles, three or four bathroom angles, three or four pool angles. When I work with a client specifically, whether it is a 900 square-foot condo or it is a 5000 square-foot 2 acre property, I am giving the client multiple views of each room. I present the photos to my client in ways they could not possibly imagine.