Sacrifice For A Greater Purpose

To live a lifestyle of freedom, have clients nationwide from Boston to Los Angeles and partner with clients on prominent projects takes sacrifice. A sacrifice is a voluntary act for me to shift into the lifestyle I set forth. Release the old habits and transform my day into a new.


One of the sacrifices is lifestyle shift with a schedule for business. I absolutely am not working on a 9 to 5 clock. Entrepreneurship is 24/7 for me. I am working with clients 7 days a week on location at any time whether it's morning, afternoon or evening. The seven days out of the week typically blend all together. There is no difference between a weekday and a weekend.


Another sacrifice is waking up early. Right now I wake up at 5:45 and I go to bed at 9:30. Many hours in the day I am working. Those couple of hours in the morning before everyone else gets up is monumental to start my day. The balance of priorities and feeling at ease and in alignment helps my day flow smoothly. That way anything that comes up any of the seven days fits it into my schedule to keep moving forward.


On my YouTube documentation ‘In Progress,’ I take you on an adventure of multiple business opportunities my life as an Entrepreneur. I now have a desire to open up a little bit more about what it really takes to be an Entrepreneur and my lifestyle perspective. This goes along with sacrifice for a greater purpose of a lifestyle of freedom. Entrepreneurship equals Freedom, it is that simple.


I am a business owner for a greater purpose of helping my clients, a greater purpose of living my best life because I only have one opportunity on this Earth at the human experience. Entrepreneurship is something that was really inbred into me before I even knew the word ‘entrepreneur’.


When I was younger, Shark Tank came on the air for the first time. The individuals on the show were called ‘inventors’ the first seasons. I was so inspired. I thought to myself ‘What can I invent to get on the show?’ This was aspirational for me as a young girl at age 10 to create something, be proud of it, have it represent a part of me for a greater purpose of society, and present it to other people who will invest in my business. That show was one of the many manifestations that came into my life that said yes, this is real. This is a lifestyle that is definitely for me.


Today, every project I pursue within my business or clients’ business is always for a greater purpose. That is at the forefront of all the activities from the visual concept to content creation. A greater purpose is what makes this journey all the better and more abundant.

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