Build Reputation on Social Media I Q & A

I am answering questions that some of you submitted to me through comments and direct messages. To submit your questions, leave a comment below or direct message me.

Question 1: What is your process of building a client persona?

A client persona is understanding the demographics and the psychographics of the client. A simple way to understand your client persona is what I call the live-work-play methodology.

Live- where do your clients live in the city or state?

Work- What are your clients' industry profession and level within that profession?

Play- Where do your client enjoy themselves? Where do they travel on the weekends?

Question 2: Where do I begin with social media?

You are on social media for the first time brand new, zero anything. Make sure that you have representation that shows us the character of your business and your story. Have a personable headshot, fill out the about me and tell us your origin story. Hone in on the content that fully embodies your business. All of this will help you redefine your reputation on social media.  

Be present on social media with integrity and keep your character at the forefront, your personality that is and your business personality.

Question 3- As a restaurant owner, how often should I post on social media?

I recommend that you post on social media 3 times a day 7 days a week. You have your core patrons who dine with you regularly, who enjoy your seasonal menu and the experience that you provide from the moment they enter to the time the concierge bids them a farewell.

As a secondary audience, you have those who are traveling to your city or town for the first time. They are using Google or Instagram to search for restaurants. Now as someone who enjoys a tasteful dining experience (me), I definitely look at the restaurant’s social media to get a feel for the ambiance. An Ambiance that suits the style of the restaurant; the style of the food, the sounds.

What types of sounds are in your restaurant? Whether it's the visible chef and the kitchen in the background or live music presentation all of these nuances matter when it comes to creating content and being consistent on social media as a restaurant owner.

Question 4: How do I monitor advertisements on social media and how do I judge my results?

You simply monitor and create advertising on Facebook through the back end. Whether it's Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, or Twitter, all social media provides advertising as a business page. Create your ad and make sure to monitor your ad on a daily, weekly and monthly basis. I also recommend running two to three ads at one time so you are able to balance out the performance and see how both are serving you.

Judge your social media advertising results based on advocacy and brand awareness. Social media advertising is an extension of your current presence online. It's an extension to represent you to your current clients as well as new clients and those who matter to your business.

Advertising is a way for you to use the live-work-play methodology in a way to focus in on your client.

I thank each one of you for direct messaging to me and commenting your questions. Do you have some questions about redefining your reputation on social media and social media, in general?

Leave them in the comments below. I am glad to answer them or the future video.

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