In Progress XLIII- Villanova University Speaking Engagement 2019

This spring, I had the incredible opportunity to speak to a group of marketing students at Villanova University. I shared my path of choosing to be an Entrepreneur and how I built my business. I discussed the strategies I use to expand my business and acquire the right clients. I also explained the client experience within Francesca Ragucci Marketing and how we create a cohesive brand for our clients online and through social media. The engagement ended with the students taking the time to ask me questions about my personal journey and my business. I thoroughly enjoyed meeting these students and discussing their interests within the marketing industry.


20:12 Question 1: When your trying to land a prospective client, what are the biggest selling points that you use in comparison to your competitors?

22:23 Question 2: How did you navigate the regulatory environment, like client acquisition?

24:42 Question 3: What was the hardest part of building your business from the time period of graduating college to today?

27:07 Question 4: How did you come up with pricing?

31:20 Question 5: How do you show a client the return on investment that they get when working with you?

33:01 Question 6: What have you learned about social media since starting your business?

34:30 Question 7: Does your business handle media buying?

35:45 Question 8: Where do you see your company going?

36:35 Question 9: How did you expand nationally?

37:40 Question 10: Did you have an internship in marketing during college? How did you decide that you didn’t want to work for someone else?

40:12 Question 11: How do you decide whether or not to pursue a business venture?

42:25 Question 12: How many competitors do you have?

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