Scale Your Social Outreach

1. Differentiate your Bio

Look at your bio from an outsider's perspective...would you hire yourself?

Your bio is a quick glance into you purpose & business. Take the time to tell your story the right way, so you attract your target market. Use emoji’s because the images help certain points stand out & compensate for additional words (Instagram is huge on emoji culture!). Look at what competitors are and are not doing, and use that information to your advantage. When creating your bio, make sure to tell your story in as few characters as possible with your unique differentiation.

2. Tag Businesses

Instagram tagging is an easy way to become discoverable for your target market. You can create tags simply by clicking on a specific photo, and clicking on the three dots at the top to begin. I would advise to tag 5-10 businesses on your photo for the best results.

Not sure who to tag? Look up local businesses, restaurant owners, landscapers, painters, business card owners, print shops, etc. Essentially, you want to tag users that would attract buzz about your brand.

Tagging will help improve your social media engagement. Why? Tagged users will receive notifications directly on their account. Now, your content is not only being directly shared with these users, but you are also placing your content in the discovery page on the Instagram feed. My last piece of advice would be to ask users to tag others in your photo’s comment section. In your caption, don’t hesitate to ask--let others help you create buzz! How to encourage others to tag? Caption- First-time homebuyers, newly weds, or individuals renting- tag your friends.

3. Collaborate

Get in the collaboration mindset! Get the word out about your business by direct messaging target clients. Ask users to feature photos of food, local businesses, new construction, developments, or anything that will bring value to your area. This is how you get the ball rolling. Ask for a simple photo for your page then you will be featured on their blog or vice verse. Collaborations are possible for any platform- social media, YouTube or website. There's different ways to contribute to others that will bring them value

People want to contribute in ways that will bring value to others, themselves, or both! Collaborate by asking for a photo to feature someone else’s brand. Subsequently, you may be featured in their blog, email campaign, or social media page.

Don't sit back and wait--be proactive. And remember, YOU differentiate YOUR business.


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