📽️3 Simple Video Content Strategies

#1 Open House

Although it may seem obvious, I want to remind you all to go live on Facebook prior to an open house. Go live in front of your Facebook followers 2 days before the open house to attract home shoppers. On this first live video, remind your audience that you will be going live again during the open house. Do not forget to remind potential buyers what time you will be going live on that day! When should you create the initial live video? Anytime! It can be at your office, in your car, or even when you have free time in between meetings. The most important take-away is that you are getting in front of your audience and keeping them updated every step of the way.

#2 Neighborhood Walk-Through

It is all about location! Go live in the area surrounding your listings. As a realtor that embodies your ideal clients’ lifestyle, you have an opportunity to showcase this way of living first-hand. Make your way to local parks, restaurants, etc. to showcase the neighborhood in a new light! When you go live, focus in on the surrounding area as well as yourself, the narrator. For example, if you want to attract potential buyers by revealing a local botanical garden, you should place the phone’s camera on yourself and allow followers to explore and enjoy nature’s beauty. If you live in the area, you have an advantage over competitors to embody the lifestyle your ideal clients want to live. Do not forget to address events and happenings that occur throughout the year!

#3 Client Testimonial

Organizing and posting client testimonials online are a great way to attract new clients. Buyers and sellers want to know that their realtors’ past clients are more than happy with their decision to reside in that location. Here’s my piece of advice: ask your client if they are comfortable giving you a live testimonial for your Facebook page. Going live is a great way to engage with your client because they have the opportunity to showcase you in the best light. Watch your community & sales goals grow as your client expresses how your talent made the sale.