Scale Your Hashtags (#)

First, you have to know exactly who your target market is on Instagram. It is important to follow people you would want to engage with, people you want to see your latest listings and open houses. To find your ideal demographic, you can use hashtags in the “Search” section of Instagram. Type in what you would like to see; for example, “(insert city) homes” or “luxury homes” and photos will show up with those hashtags.

Use hashtags to become discoverable. Create a list of towns, neighborhoods, and style terms that would lead users to your photos. Make sure that these hashtags have been used more than 50 times because it will have a higher chance of being seen. Your content will be more accessible to different users if you utilize more popular hashtags.

How do you know your client is looking at your content? Click on the “Heart” icon within your Instagram app. This will show you the recent activity on your page: who has liked your posts, who has commented on your posts, who has tagged you in new photos, and who began to follow you. You can then research those who are engaging with your content by exploring their Instagram pages and seeing what they post, where they live, and if they are appropriate for your target market. It is important to remember that not all the “Likes” you receive will come from your perfect client, but when you receive likes from your perfect client, those are the accounts you want to research and engage with to keep them interested.

The more attention and engagement your photo gets, the more likely it will have the chance of showing up as one of the top posts on someone else’s News feed. For example, if you look at your Instagram News feed and the first post you see is from eight hours ago, Instagram, through its algorithm, knows that you have previously engaged with this user’s content and therefore shows you their posts first. Instagram knows that this user’s posts are popular in terms of engagement, so it will continue to make them the first post you see.

It is important to keep those ideal clients coming back for more. Posting on a regular basis is a great way to keep your followers interested and engaged with your content. 

Francesca Ragucci