The Strategy of One Social Media Post

Together let's look at something as simple as one social media post in a different way. I go through an expansive creative and strategic process with one social media post. Let me walk you through four steps to serve as a preview.

Step 1- Idea

I think of a creative idea based on your business, your personality, and your transformational projects. 

Step 2- Research

I research additional information about your business to have factual information within your social media posts. My company tailors each social media post to represent you and your business with integrity and courage. 

Step 3- Content

Content is simply a caption paired with a graphic, video, or photo. Through content creation, a brand voice established. A brand voice is your personality through words. I learn about your character by communicating with you regularly on the phone as well as understanding your business by looking at your website and other opportunities that you have involvement. The next phase of content is a visual whether we use a photo, video, or graphic. The content serves a different purpose on each social media platform (Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram).

Step 4- Hashtags

Hashtag research is a part of the target client Live Work Play Methodology we use to captivate and entice your prospective client. My business styles your social media to be cohesive with your brand that is your logo fonts and colors as well as your message. That is portrayed in every single social media post individually as well as the stories and additional content that goes directly on your social media.