Grow a Business Network on Instagram

Let's talk about Instagram and their conversation to roll out hiding likes. As of July, the hide likes feature is available in European countries, Australia and Canada. Instagram is beta testing hiding likes to make us as users feel better about using the platform. Instagram stated they have a desire to have users focus on content creation instead of a popularity contest based solely on likes. Likes as we see it is an indicator of exposure for a brand.


I'm changing the conversation within my business.


My clients and I focus on a conversation about the network of individuals who are directly on Instagram. A network of prospective clients and those who matter in business. The secondary focus is content creation and expressing the freedom of choice to create from an honest place of authenticity. The effort of content creation is about telling a story.


I stand with Instagram on the initiative to hide likes from public sight. We then eliminate the psychological judgment of each post and have the freedom to look at the account as a whole. Step outside of the detail centric energy and step into the overall message the Instagram account illicit. Instagram and other social media platforms give us the freedom to connect with prospective clients and press partners.


Here is the layout of an Instagram post in order from top to bottom:


1.   Profile picture in a circle

2.   Username

3.   Visual (photo, video or graphic)

4.   Number of likes

5.   Caption



All the other analytics are private. Instagram is giving us privacy back with removing the liking section from public sight while continuing to use the app in a way that's forthright and causes transformation.


We further our business efforts nationally and internationally merely on social media. The number of likes is less relevant. The quality of the person within a network on Instagram is suitable. The overall community of Instagram will be a better place. Instagram is a tool of communication and telling the story of your character and business. It's also self-awareness of how you are behaving on Instagram.


Change gives us a bit of apprehension whether it's a change of a social media platform or change in our business or lifestyle. A lot of times, we get nervous about that change. I recommend embracing change. Instagram from 2012 to 2017 to 2019 is an entirely different universe to connect with people on; however, the fundamental concept that has Instagram thriving today is creating content to tell your story. A story sharing a message connecting with another, that's the foundation of Instagram success.


I encourage Instagram to beta test this in the US and have us experience the transformation of a new Instagram. Your representation on Instagram depends upon factual content and a network of those who matter most.

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