The Art of My Photography

The direction of inspiration at which I take is indescribable. Interesting way to start a conversation right? I choose this sentence because the creative process is much deeper than simply asking how the mind works.

Inspiration comes in many forms. The architecture of the location is what gets my mind working. The grand entrance, the setup of furnishing and the color palette all have an impact on the look of the images. Through photographing I choose to highlight the nuance of detailing at the location. The best experience is walking into a home or office space and the energy comes to life.

My signature style is single point photography. This is the direction at which you are walking into each room. The essence of the location is captured through this aspect. It is a more explorative experience when items in the location are in symmetry and have a matching color combination.

It is a humbling feeling to know my clients entrust in me to tell the story of their business or property through photography.

Francesca Ragucci, OWNER.jpg