Brand: Aesthetics and Experience

Is your brand visually pleasing?

There are two components of branding. Number one is the visual aesthetics- logo, fonts, colors. Number two is the experience.

Branding is the first step to build the foundation of your business.  


Are you recognizable on a crowded social media feed?

That's something that you need to figure out before you start posting on Instagram or sending out emails, we need to have that core foundation established. 

Let's start with logo- that is a picture or just a type font of your name . Now I have had clients who keep their logo simple, we incorporate their first and last names. Once this is established, we select a creative and unique design that stands out to their brands. I have an in-depth conversation with them to find out more about their business, reasoning and background. Next, we choose a specific typeface that strikes a mood. Brand identity definitely sets the tone of luxury, sophistication and timeless energy.

Let's talk about colors. Color selection is one of the most captivating part of the process because that's when I have a client put their imagination into it, and use the colors that they want to use. At the end of the day it's their business and it's their name that's going to be everywhere. There are certain colors that appease the more luxury or affluent clientele. You need to know your target client & their lifestyle. 

My colors are black and gold, because my client are that They're dealing with more affluent people. So I've chosen colors and fonts, my name in the cursive font, and different basic fonts that are easy to read, and the colors of black and gold because of those reasons. That's what appeals to that type of clientele, because I've done the research and I know exactly my client's lifestyle. So my brand mimics their lifestyle, so I am more relatable to them. So you have to, in a sense, mimic your client's lifestyle. What do they do for fun? Where do they eat? This is very simple. This is again, the foundation before you take off and you launch that website, or we start scheduling out social media posts, everything that has to do with that. The foundation, your colors, your fonts, and your logos. That's it.


‘Brand’ is the ‘Why’. Why you exist, why as a company you get out of bed in the morning. It is the energy that drives you and it is what you want people to think of you. It is a company’s ‘Promise’ to the world. Your brand embodies passion, courage and discipline that only you possess. The second part is the ‘Experience’. This is ‘What’ you do. This is the ‘Proof’. This is how you create healthy client relationships as a company. Experience directly impacts your reputation. Actions speak louder than words, right? Experiences form our memories and keep things salient or front of mind.

The ‘Why’ and the ‘What’. A promise and the proof to back it up.

Your brand ‘Why’ drives the experiences you create. Your brand ‘Why’ is an emotional idea bigger than your products and services. The ‘Why’ is an emotional, benefit led truth that lives in the minds of your clients and is a ‘north star’ for everything a brand does. Humans experiences are what we remember. Strong experiences create memories. The experience we give our clients show them a fulfilling way to redefine their reputation.