Testimonials: The Where, The How, The Why

Ask for a testimonial through email. Make sure you keep a CRM database of all your clients, first last name preferred email, as well as some notes from the experience you want to recall. What were those key moments that you helped your client overcome?

Where are your clients giving you a testimonial?

I have three places- Google Facebook and LinkedIn. Google Facebook and LinkedIn rank you higher in search depending on the amount of positive testimonials you have.

Testimonials serve as an asset for your business especially when you are getting them in the right places. Have a confident mindset to go in for the ask. When my clients and I partner on their Monthly Marketing Plan, I give them email templates to ask for a recommendation. A part of working with clients is getting testimonials in order to enhance their visibility on social media or Google.


I appreciate your commitment to ___________________ (state service). In the process of connecting with clients who are going through the same experience as you, I am requesting a testimonial to be used on Facebook, Google, and my website. Your advocacy means a lot to me in this effort.

Here are a couple of questions to guide you:

What was the reason for hiring me?

What attribute of value did I bring?
What was the successful outcome/outcomes?

Google Reviews

There’s no greater search engine than Google.  The great thing about Google Reviews is that it is tightly tied with local SEO. If you have more reviews on your Google Business listing, that is going to help improve your SEO listing. If there’s anything a small business owner is looking to boost it’s always their SEO. Think about it, people are always searching “____ near me,” depending on whatever they are in need of at the time. They are way more likely to go with whatever business is listed at the top and has the most stars.

Facebook Reviews

Leaving a review on Facebook is the easiest way to write a review for a small business. Being a platform based solely on communication, it has never been easier to chat with your customers than it is on Facebook. Also, since the people writing reviews on your Facebook Page have probably “liked” your page they are likely to leave a positive review. People enjoy being a patron to businesses they love and Facebook makes it easy for them to rave positively about them. As a bonus, when you receive a rating on Facebook, Google also shows what your rating on Facebook is as well.

LinkedIn Recommendations

LinkedIn recommendations have you stand out from others. A person can see the full name, profile picture, and title of the reviewer. This give an angle of trust to the business and their clientele. Business owners value LinkedIn because of the professional nature. Often times, reviewers will go over of their way to write a lengthy review on LinkedIn. A five to seven sentence recommendation will be perceived well on LinkedIn.


0:40- What is your timeline of getting a testimonial?

2:43- The flow of a testimonial request email

3:19- The exact wording of a testimonial request email

4:35- Where online are you getting testimonials?

5:46- How do you ask your client for a testimonial?

8:22- Let’s avoid making assumptions that a person knows exactly how to write a review online.

8:44- What is the value of having testimonials on Google, Facebook and LinkedIn?

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