Chanel: The Social Media Strategy

Inclusion, sophistication, and exclusivity; Chanel crafts an impeccable social media presence. Chanel, a century wise fashion mansion was the winner of the most influential luxury brand on social media (based on overall engagement), topping the list above others like Louis Vuitton and Christian Siriano.

Chanel famously born by Gabrielle Bonheur "Coco" Chanel has garnered a profound reputation in the retail and e-commerce space. Chanel is a highly sought after fashion brand. Many desire Chanel and her simple elegant garments and fragrance. Men and women look up to Chanel as the ultimate in clothing. This is the ethos Chanel stands behind with their social media presence. Chanel, adorned by millions of men and women around the globe witness them boldly take risks on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube. Chanel’s brand story is artistic and masterful while staying true to their message of inclusion and elusive energy among their patrons. Social Media unites their long-time and new patrons with the brand essence.

They keep their private energy by only following only their beauty account, Chanel Beauty. They do not comment or engage in posts. The sensibility of the brand is intact even on social media, a widely public platform by nature. This heritage brand attracts a discerning client, a connoisseur to the finer of life. The Chanel brand knows that their polished client is on social media. The video content strategy on YouTube and Instagram translates to their sophistication and simplicity. They tastefully collaborate with social media influencers who share the same values and audience as them.

Chanel depicts a world that is their own on social media.

Less of the aspirational and more of the exclusive invite into their realm. You are privileged to be in a world of Chanel and they confidently know it.

The mastery of the videos is striking and courageous. Much of their video content consists of behind the scenes looks at their fashion shows along with influencer collaborations. Chanel is at the top for a reason. It is about moving into a social media environment with the attitude of inclusion, sophistication, and exclusivity Chanel’s client fully exudes. The beauty and garments come across with a personality of there own.

Chanel boldly leads the industry on social media with its leader, Gabrielle Chanel whose presence stands firm to seize, dare, and create. Chanel has a tasteful appetite for fashion and cosmetics while intertwining sophistication into lifestyles of their patrons. Their reputation garners them the scalability and inclusion on social media.

With multimedia campaigns and a consistent message, Chanel rises in the world of social media and we take notice.

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