Pushing Past the Tipping Point

• 0:01 - 0:58

This message is a bit different than previous ones you have seen from me. One activity I love with in my life is working out. Going to the gym to lifting weights gives me a core foundation of discipline. It's a place for me to let all of the feelings out, lift heavy, and push past my tipping point. I owe much of my mindset in business to working out.

• 0:59 - 1:59

I equate lifting weights and my business purpose in multiple ways. In comparison both share a similar mentality; lifting weights gives me focus and a drive to strive for change. I have the devotion to work out five days a week and I take gymnastics class one day a week. Each time I enter the gym the goal is to move just a little more weight and try a new way of executing different variations. The theme is having the courage to push past my tipping point in business. To compare, my mindset is the same in that regard. Right now, there are a couple of shifts to make in order to get out of my comfort zone and excel in new ventures.

• 2:00 - 2:50

The feeling to adopt different ways of moving my body and different ways of creating within my business is within that tipping point. The action of courage to start my own business and have a strong mindset came from the drive to build myself at the gym. It’s that one shift to say today I am going to show up for myself first. I am embracing the feeling of being.

• 3:26 - 4:13

Once the feeling of pushing through the breaking point occurs, a new realm is open, a new ethos of work ethic and courage. It's less about the result of getting there, it's about mentally saying, I have a healthy psyche and a healthy body, I have the courage!

I have the courage to take this action, to get up in the morning and start working earlier and to go to the gym and strive for new.  

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