Cater to Your Clients: Digital and In Person Experiences

Experience. We hear the word experience in so many forms today online. it’s all about a brand’s experience that they give their client.

What is this word experience and how do you give your clients experience?

Experience is a journey of going through a fulfilling process encompassing multiple dimensions with a brand or company. It’s the entire process of the service that you seek from the business. Whether it is a tangible product or service, the client goes through different phases of interacting with your company’s team and methodologies. It is about the journey that we take our clients on to get them to that result that they want of delight and accomplishment.

We all have these outcomes and processes that we plan for our clients though, each person is different and we must cater to them in a special way. Have you ever walked into a physical location or just completed business with a partner and you feel confident in the investment you made?

This is a brand experience.

You are proud of the entire long-term commitment to the relationship. Whether it’s a day, a week, or a month, you have just had a personalized encounter with this company. So now, you can advocate for this company and give finite details to a newcomer who wants to work with this company or invest in a good that they have to sell.

A physical location has the challenge of digital communication to overcome. However, merging digital and the physical location is a strategy that works for multiple brands. Give your clients experience on social media through the video, written word, audio, and pictures. Showcasing different personalities of the company, new products, and ways that you give your client a joyful life with ownership of the goods. We purchase products and invest in assets because we believe that the outcome is of great benefit. That’s why we give our time, energy, and money to businesses that are true to our moral compass and in alignment with our business efforts.

Physical locations are at the top of their game when it comes to catering to experience. The first phase is enticing a patron or newcomer online in order to physically walk into the store and have the experience. The concierge at stores are now trained to pay special attention to each individual who walks through the door, for that is a golden opportunity. Today, we walk into our favorite designer stores and spend a few hours there because they have a bar, entertainment through music or performers, and they provide an immersive shopping experience to feel the fabrics and material in order to see how it matches our outfits and even better our personalities.

Social media helps a physical location bridge that gap between digital and in person. There are even some stores that have private semiannual or annual events that are coordinated for their most cherished patrons. Some stores like Tiffany and Co. even work with their most exclusive clients to craft together their own jewelry. In a proactive, quick paced digital world, we still make time to experience the brands we adore in person.

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