Water: An Exquisite Taste

Water, a refreshing taste. A sip gives us a feeling of joy and satisfaction. We even relax into our glass of water at our most quiet times of the day.

The water industry is changing to cater to an acquired taste, an exquisite palette that knows the difference between purified and tap. This client appreciates the different notes within the water and cares for the origin of this delightful beverage.

Whether the water is from the East or the West, this allows culture to come together and manifest a glass of this graceful taste.

Water has a story behind it, it holds a delicate taste over time. The beauty of clean sourced H2O is the light airy liquid and soothing feel. Pure water has no smell. Water is the entrance of grand evenings you attend. The emergence of water sommelier’s cater to discerning individuals who desire the best. They educate clients about the origin, feel and pairings of H2O. That is correct, water sommeliers know the best notes of water to pair with your meals, whether you indulge in the main course or dessert.

Water has value in our lives for the reason of health and purification.

Re-think your consumption of water. Have care in the water you consume means being conscious of the brands you choose. There are select companies catering to a discerning client when it comes to H2O some of which are Frequency H2O, Beverly Hills 90H20, Berg and more.

Water is held at the forefront of your gatherings.  When hosting, share a delicacy you cherish to make a lasting impression. Take notice, the first substance a person consumes at your event is water. Your guests walk in and ask for a glass to cleanse their palette before the food comes. Choose water that your sommelier approves.

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