Redefine Your Reputation: The Human Experience

Today, we are talking about redefining your reputation, the human experience. There are two ways to look at social media. One way is by the number of followers and views; another way is by the people in your social media network. The second way is human. The social media platforms we use - Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, or Instagram - are very driven by analytics. However, I choose to go deeper with my clients.


Based on a research methodology called  Live/Work/Play Methodology, you can break down your target audience. Start with where your clientele lives geographically. Then, define their work, their occupation, their lifestyle. Define where they travel and how they enjoy entertainment. Then, we go on social media and locate individuals who match these demographics.


The human experience of social media is a realization of presenting a clientele instead of numbers. Let's make social media about humans, about the interaction with people instead of just actual numbers.


My business is more significant than just me right now. When I started my business, I was solo. Now, Francesca Ragucci Marketing is consistently growing. My business is healthy. My team is growing, and the people around me are continually helping the company for a higher purpose. I'm so grateful for all the opportunities with client growth as well as business opportunities, like speaking engagements and press.


The partnership I create with my clients is to create a  positive experience!

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