Intuitively Identify Affluent Clients on Social Media

Let's talk about how to use your intuition to identify your prospective affluent client on social media.


The first step is to define the target audience using the Live Work Play methodology. Where does your client live, work, play, dine, entertain, travel, and relax?


Next, start the process of searching for my clients' prospective client. Hashtags are used as a part of this process. It is the act of going on Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and Twitter to find and add each person individually every single day forever.

How do I intuitively identify an affluent client?


Two distinctly different portrayals of the affluent on social media:

1.   The celebrity or public figure, someone with influence

2.   The private, discrete high- caliber individual

By this, one is more apparent than the other. The public figure is just that, public. They are well-known and give the audience a look at multiple angles of their lifestyle. Their pictures exude professionalism from partnering with a photographer. They are typically verified on social media and having impressive engagement, and large followership say upwards of 10k, 100k or over 1 million.


The second profile is someone who uses social media and is more private with sharing information about their lifestyle to the public. However, they still drop lifestyle traits here and there. They attend highly regarded events and take images directly on their phones. The account has an elusive and private feel. They want to share to stay in touch; however, enjoy having the pleasure of privacy.


One question to ask is who the mutual connections are?


I click on every single one of those mutual contacts profiles, and I see their live-work-play lifestyle. Then we have a prospective client or business connection for my potential client!

This process is just one effective strategy of garnering affluent clients on social media. Redefine your reputation as we partner to use social media as a critical tool.

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