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My purpose for you to read my articles is to educate you on numerous aspects of social media marketing to present your business to potential clients. Influencer Marketing is a term you may know. I am choosing to be more open in guiding you to understand the depths of this creative style and community. Influencer Marketing is a popular term these days. Platforms like Instagram and YouTube, leading change in marketing through collaboration. Some women and men choose to be of service to multiple industries by partnering with brands to aid in the efforts of awareness. 

Hillary Berenato owner of Gardenia Avenue Blog and Lifestyle Influencer gets candid about her full process of partnering with brands on social media. Hillary is a resident of Philadelphia’s Main Line and kindly shared her day with me at Overbrook Golf Club in Villanova, Pennsylvania, one of the many quintessential Main Line locations Hillary chooses to use as an inspiring, relatable backdrop in her social media pictures. Hillary has passion and dedication to her vision. She is active on social media with daily posts and stories to create a community with her audience. Hillary told me her purpose is to be a friend to those living in or considering a move to the Main Line. Many women ask her about her favorite clothing stores, children’s boutiques and family doctors. Hillary is a devoted mother and wife; therefore, she has a real bond with other mothers who have young children. Hillary partners with national brands to raise awareness for their business and help better the lives of many in her community. 

It is now time for the social media picture. Hillary strikes a variety of natural poses indoors and outdoors to get the perfect Instagram worthy picture. An impactful image provides fun, relatable energy while life is happening. For Hillary, a brand collaboration must feel authentic for her to represent the value of the brand to her social media advocates. It is less about one post yet more about the relationship and continual outreach. Hillary with aligns her social media and blog in a way that helps her brand partners and advocates. First, she considers the product or service in her life. How does this product or service help? How does one interact with this product or service? Then, Hillary gets to creating on camera (or should I say iPhone). 

In and influencer world, pictures are taken on the iPhone. Hillary loves the functionality of the composition and lighting of the iPhone. Having multiple locations for her photo shoots gives Hillary a range of options for backgrounds. She also looks at the nuances of large locations. As I mentioned at the beginning of the writing, I am speaking with Hillary at Overbrook Golf Club in Villanova, Pennsylvania. Hillary favors a couple of rooms and outdoor spots there to snap the perfect picture. On a fun note, Hillary’s audience plays a guessing game to figure out where she is taking the picture. She told me this is an enjoyable way for her to engage with her audience. She is truly in devotion to her craft as a Lifestyle Influencer and Blogger.

I definitely learned a lot from Hillary as she walked me through her candid process. This writing only shares a small peek into the world of Influencer Marketing. The vision is to help you understand Influencer Marketing enough for you and me to partner strategically on your Monthly Marketing Plan. I welcome you to take a look at the video to watch Hillary Berenato create social media images for her brand partners. 

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