5 Paths Francesca Ragucci Marketing is Growing

This writing is for those of you who want to learn exactly how my business, Francesca Ragucci Marketing, is growing today. You who are curious about my business and have been for years now. Perhaps you are an advocate for my business and enjoy the knowledge and progression of credibility. The inspiration for this writing came about because I saw one person, in particular, take a look at my LinkedIn account. I then thought an excellent concept for writing is to share with you five specific ways Francesca Ragucci Marketing is growing today. Gratefully, my business and pursuits are flourishing in new and different means than the start of my business. 

1. Intuitive Understanding of the Client

As experience grows, I interpret my clients in a different nuance. Let's say my passion for psychology plays a part in this. My business is firstly about people. The essence of my company stands for the courage and integrity of my client to even partner with my business in the first place. Each one of my clients has different personalities, challenges, communication styles, and markets around the globe. Each time my clients have a call with me, I listen with intent. My purpose is for them to lead the conversation in a way so I can hear them speak. The way my clients speak by formatting sentences and their repetition plays a big part in the tonality of their social media presence. Secondly, the Live Work Play Methodology is a brainchild of mine to understand the demographics of my clients and their clients psychologically. I invented this mythology after realizing that the concept of ’Live, Work, Play’ is a popular term in the Real Estate and Hotel sectors. So, in the effort of relating to my clients more, this concept was born! And let me tell you it is a natural, organizational way to communicate with clients. 

2. Team 

Gratefully, the growth of my business allows me to access a team of people who stand with integrity in our collaborative work. Having people in alignment with the vision of Francesca Ragucci Marketing gives me the chance to value my strengths more. I am better as a leader with a team. My client highly benefits from this because there is more effort put into each of their social media platforms. A group also enables the expansion of a variety of content topics, compelling visuals, and growth of my clients’ businesses. To have a team in alignment with the core of the company, I have an ethical compass each team member approves of when entering my business. Having core values helps to create a company culture and a positive working environment. This also gives me the courage to have more clients and personalize each Monthly Marketing Plan. 

3. Travel

The most fulfilling part of having a national business is travel. Clients invite me to take a journey to them to meet in person and witness their ventures in person. This is also an excellent opportunity to strengthen our bond and unit on similar intentions. The more a client talks about their experience, the more personal social media content. This partnership, at its core, is to redefine your reputation. A team allows me to feel at ease while traveling, knowing that our many projects and endeavors are in place. As my company grows, I desire to be an influence in specific sectors like luxury and speak at national and international conferences and universities. 

4. Personal Photographer and Videographer 

While partnering with a variety of clients from Boston to Los Angeles, I realized the need for authentic pictures and video. By this, I mean visuals that are solely for my clients. In the Monthly Marketing Plan, a photographer and videographer are assigned to each client. The creative producers are located in my clients’ cities and neighborhoods. They photograph and video the area to accomplish the strategy I set forth. Excitement ensues when they know all visuals are exclusively theirs. Imagery and video are  created to evoke fascination in their neighborhood and align them as credible. Of course, the essence of redefining your reputation is within this creative endeavor.

5. Strategy 

In partnering with a variety of national clients in multiple sectors, the core of the strategy is present with integrity. At the beginning of the Monthly Marketing Plan, strategy is devised so you have clarity on all endeavors set forth to redefine your reputation on social media. From the start of my business to now, the strategy is refined and simplified. The essence of strategy drives creativity and execution. It also gives you confidence in knowing the full plan. The specific protocols include Live, Work, Play Methodology, event strategy, hashtag strategy, content strategy, social media target audience strategy, and more. Having set strategic plans is a way to keep organized activities. At the end of each month, you receive a report overviewing the month’s strategy and results of that technique. 

Now, you are well aware of five paths Francesca Ragucci Marketing is growing. When you are ready to schedule a consultation, referencing this article is a key in helping you understand the commitment and investment my company seeks in partnering with you. This article is a discussion piece I will access with you on call. Remember, whether you are a Realtor in Los Angeles, a Hotel executive in New York or a private aviation company on the East and West Coast, this article is for you and this partnership is worthy of you exploring more information. 

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