Distinct Representation and Message

Two ways to have a distinct brand is aesthetics and message.



By aesthetics, I mean brand visuals to compliment my client's personality, intention, and purpose of the business. Whether a website interface, social media, podcast or YouTube channel, we partner to be positive the visuals are in alignment. 

Think of a brand you admire. The visuals are grand, they cause a feeling of expression and energy, and they are distinct. Branding has a way of shaping the interpretation of a business perception. Nonverbal and verbal queues are in sync when we break down the core intentions. 



What is the tonality of communication?

Verbal or written, sentence structure matters. Though grammar is important I am talking about your style and language of writing. Let's think about the adjectives that instantly come to mind about your client experience and business purpose. Ready? GO! Which words came to mind? Together, we will create expressive, distinguishable, bold selections of words. 

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