Why are partnerships essential to your business?


Your client wants to see that you are well connected. They want to know that a relationship with you will bring more opportunity to them through your connections. The ability to create a successful relationship starts with you providing an excellent, streamline the process of work. Showcasing your business relations on social media, your website & online presence will solidify client perception and brand.


How do we work together on partnership projects?


I seek your partners:

Using online resources, I gather a group of specialized businesses that match your business values. As we work together on your Monthly Marketing Plan, you will express the desire to meet new connections. Through our bond, I become familiar with your moral compass and brand. During our meetings, we will talk about ways to embark on a joint venture, partnership or collaboration with another business.


The proposal:

After we have a couple of solid concepts down, it is time to make the move and contact this business owner. Typically, businesses have an email for inquiries we will use. Together, we will focus on crafting a proposal email to entice this business. Great news- many businesses appreciate an alliance especially when all involved will benefit.

Here are concepts of partnerships for us to execute upon.

Partnership Examples:

  • Blog 
  • Video
  • Photo Series
  • Event

Together, let’s create an experience that brings confidence, gathering and new business!


Planning & Execution:

With everyone involved, we will come to an agreement on a collaborative experience to execute. We will also select a day & time to gather for our partnership project. Partnerships are a core focus of the Monthly Market Plan. These occurrences require personalized time and energy to execute. They will require additional resources on my end.  Let’s be open to discussion on the day of events. Whether your location is the East or West coast, I am able to execute a successful partnership project. This happens by having me on location with you.

No matter which direction we take when teaming up with another business, guaranteed to have the confidence of understanding, open communication, and detailed planning during the process.


Francesca Ragucci