Marketing Your Property: Photography and Video

Photography Style:

When photographing your property, I personalize each photo shoot to accentuate the home to sell. Typically wide-angle shots are taken to show off a full view of each room. I do incorporate other styles depending on the room layout. My goal is to find out your exact wants for the photography and work this into image to attract buyers.

Book Your Photo or Video Shoot:

I require booking 2 weeks in advance. I can be flexible with booking in a shorter span of time depending on my schedule. Bottom line, it is best to book with me ahead of time in order to save your date. An estimated time range is given through a Google Calendar event so you know my time on location.

After Booking Your Photo or Video Shoot:

You will receive an agreement on specifications for the project. Payment is due the day of photo shoot. A payment link will be provided with the agreement. Images will only be visible once payment submission is successful.

Property Conditions:

When photographing homes, I recommend a clean home with minimal items laying around. As the photographer, I am there to photograph only. So, if items are left lying around, they will not be moved by me. Hiring a Stager is the best direction to create attractive photographs for marketing. Ask me for recommendations on Stagers, I work with select Stagers who have excellent work and style.

A sunny day is much preferred due to the image turnout plus the property features show best on sunny days.

On Location Process:

I am agile in guiding you though my process the day of the photo shoot. I work in situations with clients and homeowners present or on my own given proper access to entering the home Typically, a tour of the home is the first step once I arrive to understand home layout and nuances.


Each home is priced specifically to the entire process of travel time, square footage/acres, on location photography and/or video, and editing. The best information to provide for an accurate price is the full address and square footage. My starting point of travel is Center City, Philadelphia. I provide a total of 25 maximum final images high-resolution & web size (selected by me). The approximate turnaround for photographs is 3-5 business days (Monday- Friday). The approximate turnaround for video is 5-7 days (Monday- Friday).


Video length is dependent on the size of the home and your needs. Details of room pans, graphics, captions, contact information, background music, client on camera or voice-over are options to consider for marketing this video. Typically videos are a minimum length of 2-3 minutes depending on the features of the home. I have the ability to compress the video to fit into social media/ online requirements.

Let’s work together to bring you attractive images that will sell your property sooner. This service is apart of the Monthly Marketing Plan.

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