Aesthetics and Message for Your Business

Today, we are talking about aesthetics and message in order to grow your reputation on social media.

Envision your favorite brand now…

What is their look?

What is the mood?


What are the feelings that conjure inside of you when you interact with this brand?

Impactful businesses who show up consistently and cause action.



●       Logo

●       Colors

●       Fonts



The logo is the face of your business. The seal of approval. The YES this is your business.


What colors do you envision for your business look?


Color psychology comes into play here, meaning, every color has a meaning or a defined feeling. We will partner to select a group of a few colors that blend well together on your website and social media. There are many colors other their so we will dial in on the true expression of your business through colors.



Which appeal to you- cursive or straight lines?


A pronounced font will harmonize your online presence to flow well. Plus, your client who is looking at your business identity will better interact with your website and social media when the colors and fonts flow well. Attractive energy is the key to cause action. Let’s talk more in detail with your Monthly Marketing Plan.


Now, the look is together. You have a visual brand- congratulations. Your client who has a keen eye for sophistication will appreciate you more for this action.

Sharing experiences matches you to your clients. Lifestyle relatability. My clients want to know I am familiar with marketing to their specific client, their lifestyle and business (which I do).



This involves your core purpose and why you selected your professional industry. We will work together to have a message that your clients stand behind Let’s tell them- you are the one for them to partner. Content (information) we put out online, we spark curiosity in your client to learn more. Building a brand starts with defining what business you are in and what is your core purpose. This definition or purpose is the basis of your brand, the inherent promise you are making to your clients.


Purpose: The Why

What is your brand’s ultimate reason for being? If you went away tomorrow, what gap would there be? These are foundational questions that your purpose statement needs to answer.

Vision: The What

If your purpose statement is your ‘why,’ then your vision is ‘what’ you want to accomplish as a result of it. When you remain in commitment to your purpose, what will be the outcome of it?

Mission: The How

Describing how the work gets done.

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