Width and Depth on Social Media

Width- amount of social media platforms (Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram)


Depth- amount of times per day and content topics


You are on social media to increase your reputation online to gain clients. When we work together on your Monthly Marketing Plan, we strategize the information topics and amount of social media posts per week. It is easy to get caught up in the vanity likes. We all log on social media wanting a fountain of likes and comments which is instant gratification. I am telling you right now a social media presence is not just about the likes. It is about your reputation, that matters. I am in the business of reputation management. Each post that goes live on social media, enhances your business perceived value.


What is perceived value?

Perceived value is the worth a client ascribes to your business service. Typically, clients are unaware of your exact business systems at the first sight of your business online. Clients rely on the emotional appeal of your service and their evaluation of the benefits they believe they will receive.  


No matter your location, target client or cadence, your client is active on social media everyday. See there are multiple attributes to grow on social media. Fact of the matter is this is the first time you will connect with a large amount of people in on location. I know marketing in today’s world. I know how to make a simple, sophisticated business identity come to life online and provide you return.


Pause this reading right now, take a look at my Client Work and Case Studies. All of this information on my website is specifically created for you to gain empowerment to partner with me. You know, it is interesting in an online world we still have aspirations of being on TV or the front of a print magazine. And that is great! Though, let’s change our perspective to getting an online article featuring or a podcast interview. Perhaps you will be asked to feature on a YouTube video. Your online actions map to credibility. 


Let’s take the time to reflect on your business. Expand your reputation in an online landscape. Incorporate a personality for your business- simple, modern, elegant, bold and more. Take a look at my Client Work. You will see specific business identity (logo, colors, fonts) and a core message that flows through each post.



I am so grateful to work with clients on the East and West Coast. To me, this is truly fulfilling in my life. This is my purpose, this is what I am supposed to do- make an impact. The journey through adversity leads to triumph.

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