Social Media Impacts Your Reputation

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Today, let’s talk about how social media has an impact on your reputation. I'm in the business of managing my client's reputation even though at the surface we work in the realm of social media, websites and all things mobile to help the clients business online.

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Reputation comes into play with every single post that you put out- every article, every video, every story, it directly affects how your clients and those who are important to you in your business perceive you. Many of my clients are in contact with their clients on social media. Potential clients, network of professionals, and colleagues are a part of their clout of networks which makes it even more imperative to design an impeccable online presence. Alignment in the message and visuals matter in crafting a distinguishable reputation within the market.

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Let's consider this social media is the ongoing process of presenting your business and yourself in a public manner.

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Social Media has the direct impact on how people perceive you. The more you post in correlation to relevant information you provide, the more likely they are to have a change in mindset about the business. How are you representing your business in a 2019 Marketplace?

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My clients’ target clients are already on their social media. they search their business on Google and engage with their social media content. This process gives them a sense of who my client is as a person and their working style in business. You can look at a social media today without even going to a website and get a full understanding of the scope of business.

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Social media compliments your website. The website is the hub of the business. The creative engine that is ever-evolving in exploration of your pursuit.

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Evaluate your online presence. Think to yourself- what matters most to your clients in a technology-driven world? Are you keeping up with industry and societal changes that directly impact your business communications?

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Your client wants to engage with you sharing meaningful information. Information with emotion that weaves into their way of living.

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