Redefine Your Reputation: The Power of Online Press

Your business gets the honor to grace press monthly. The online press is an added benefit to your reputation. Publications provide the opportunity for someone else to write an in-depth perspective on your services. This alone is strong in the rankings of Google, social media and the way those who matter to your in business consider you. The credibility of your business matters and press is your partner on this journey.

My business, Francesca Ragucci Marketing is in the business of reputation management. Therefore, we work with our clients to garner relationships with article contributors in an array of online publications. Together, we craft a protocol for journalists. This gives them an upfront understanding of how my client wants to be represented in the article. It also lends to the impact of search on Google and social media. Having an brief outline put confidence into the process. Everything from the title to the body to the image selections matter. Consider an article like a blueprint for the internet. Each word and image cemented on the article leaves a trace of your business’s DNA for a potential client to find.

Communication is key when partnering with national journalists. Make sure you have a full understanding of the topic and subtopic in the publication. Journalists are typically helpful in seeking information and clarity from you during the writing process. Make sure to provide your services with links to your website and social media. Links on this third party article brings more visibility to the publication, ranks you higher in Google and increases the opportunity of prosperous business events. A potential client or business partner will Google you or search you on social media. They will see your press features and be in awe with the attribution given to your business which will give them reassurance on your business relationship.

When we partner to work with the press, keep in mind this process is meant to bring you joy and gratitude for your efforts in business. We appreciate the opportunity to work with the press and enjoy having others talk about us in a positive way. This all matters when catering to your clients and redefining your reputation.

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