Scale Your LinkedIn

When you are creating a LinkedIn profile for the first time, the most important part to fill out is your title. From realtor, to broker owner, to real estate agent, make sure you use the proper title on your profile. Indicate which brokerage you work for and have a professional head shot as your profile picture. In your “Summary” section, include media- video, photo, pdf. Utilize this wisely -- it will make your profile stand out. A cover photo prime LinkedIn real estate which means that someone looking at your page will see a property image, your company’s name, or a slogan. The cover photo sets the tone for your page.Next, fill out the job description section in full with detail of your position.

LinkedIn is the most valuable platform because you are able to search for your ideal market in a specific way. You can use the search tool to look for clients based off of job titles, descriptions, where they live, etc. This search tool allows you to be extremely specific when trying to find your market on LinkedIn.

All of this can be done on the free version of LinkedIn. With LinkedIn Pro, which costs $60 per month, you are able to access so much more on the site. You can view your analytics, who has clicked on your profile, and search for more specific information about your market. If you are starting out on LinkedIn today, start a free trial of LinkedIn Pro.

Now that you have a profile, how do you connect with clients on LinkedIn? First, you must add them. When adding, create a simple message stating your purpose to introduce yourself. LinkedIn makes capturing your leads easier because you can use the site to guide potential clients through why you choose to be  Realtor. Once you build ‘connections’ with ideal clients create a CRM. They know, from the information on your profile, all about your expertise and credentials. By posting relevant neighborhood information, videos, and photos of properties and events, they will want to see your posts.

Aside from being a site to showcase your expertise, LinkedIn allows you to post articles that your followers and others can read. Create articles such as “Five Greatest Events Coming Up” or “Five Best Places to Live.” It is integral that that information you place in your articles is relevant as well as tailored toward your expertise. Let your followers know where you are going this weekend, where the best restaurants are, and local charity events.

Once you get up to 500 or more connections on LinkedIn, the site sees your page as a popular page and more people will connect with you. Utilize LinkedIn to show your credibility and align yourself with your target market. LinkedIn allows you to directly message your connections, as well. When sending messages, be earnest and strategic. Tell your connections that you are appreciative of their support and that you are there to help them with any questions.

Lastly, make sure you LinkedIn page is completely filled out with skills and awards. Your connections can endorse your skills on the site. The more skills and endorsements, the better! This will show others your credibility and expertise in your field. There is a “Recommendations” portion of your LinkedIn page, too. This is where past clients can provide a brief testimonial about your work. Having recommendations shows new connections and potential clients that you are qualified and the at what you do. Creating an experience on LinkedIn will have your audience engage with you because they know that the type of content you share is relevant and interesting.