Scale Your Blog

You have a blog generated on your website or you are creating your own content yet, the proper viewers aren’t seeing it and it’s not getting the amount of reach that it should. There are different ways of utilizing your blog and promoting it on social media platforms and through email marketing. An important part of having a blog on your website is to focus in on your areas of expertise. You want to give value to buyers and sellers in your neighborhood.

The big question is: How do I bring in more traffic my blog? There are a few steps to do doing this. First, utilize LinkedIn articles. Copy and paste your blog onto a LinkedIn post with photos and video clips. Your LinkedIn audience is your professional network -- this is where your past clients and target market will see your blog post. LinkedIn allows you to create an exact copy of your blog to post onto your LinkedIn profile in an article.

Then, promote your blog on your Facebook business page. Since your Facebook audience is different from your LinkedIn audience, a whole new group of people will now have access to your blog. Facebook allows you to create captivating captions for photos and videos that come from the blog. You can then link your Facebook post to your blog post’s web address encouraging your audience to read more. Lastly, create a full email about your blog using five to ten sentences from the blog itself, interesting graphics, and a conveying subject line saying, “Attention Buyers: _____________” or a gripping headline. The most important aspect of promoting your blog is that it must have a captivating title. Your blog titles need to interest your audience, or else they will overlook them.

Tailor your blog for your target market with content created for your location and areas of expertise. Add photos to visually represent the topic of your blog. For example, if you create a blog about your properties, include property photos. If you blog about an event in your neighborhood, include images of your neighborhood. Then, make sure to explain how this content can and will benefit your client.

Now that you have created your blog, it is important to know when to promote it. It should first be uploaded onto your website, so that when you use a link to promote it, the link will take readers directly to your site. Then, promote it on your social media platforms, from Facebook to LinkedIn to email. You should spend one week leveraging traffic to your blog through social media promotion. If you are using an  email provider, check and see which emails did not open your blog promotion and resend an email to those users.