Elevate Your Curb Appeal #4- Measure a Lead

I am speaking with Peter Buchsbaum about how you can leverage your social media platforms to gain leads and quantify your advertisement’s activity. With print ads, there is no way of knowing whether your audience took the time to read your ad or just threw it away. Advertisements on Facebook, for instance, provide you with immediate information about analytics, demographics, and clicks.

Not only that, but Facebook ads will notify you when they go live and how much they cost. Aside from ads, following up with your leads and maintaining a strong social media presence is important for your business’s success. Remember to follow Facebook pages of local businesses, connect with people on LinkedIn, reply to post comments, and answer direct messages-- use these social media platforms to your advantage!

Aside from your online and mailbox presence, it is important for you to put yourself out there in person: attend events, host open houses, get your name out and meet the people you want to interact with online & offline. Leverage social media platforms and diversify your advertising methods to bring your online connections to life.