Scale Your Call to Action

What is a call to action? It is when you, the realtor, say, “Call me!” or “Check out my freebie opt-in!” These can and should be placed in Facebook live videos, advertisements and in any piece of content on any social media platform. Your goal when using call to actions are to get the buyer or seller’s attention in order to have them become advocates. Have them come to an open house, offer them a free home warranty, or offer some type of incentive to add value to your future client’s lifestyle, these are examples of a call-to-action.

The best way to scale your engagement is through landing pages. They are a great spot for your call to actions, put your phone number and email address or have a simple fill out opt-in form, so that you can collect and utilize their information. When you want your clients or potential clients to opt-in to a freebie, a booklet, or even a consultation, do not ask your clients to go check out your social media platforms! Direct them to your personal webpage or landing page -- it is necessary that you are laser focused when you want someone to opt-in during a promotion.

Landing pages can be found on your personal webpage or you can place them in your emails, on social media platforms, wherever. Create a link for the landing page, place it in your Facebook business profile, Instagram bio, and your LinkedIn page. Share it constantly so it always has the potential of being opened. Landing pages provide you with an amazing, useful resource for doing this- Link Tracker, which will allow you to quantify and see the action the link has received. In emails, tailor your email so that it resembles the landing page and keep it simple! Promoting on different platforms (from Facebook and Instagram to email) is necessary for you to scale your call to action.

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