Take Advantage of Mobile Video Opportunities

The moment is near. The event planning and coordination have come to a close. The decor is finely in place and the band is set up and ready to play that first note. The dedication of your energy will shortly reveal itself. You stand proud looking over the setting at the venue mentally preparing for those doors to swing open and your first guest to walk in. Time is on your side because fifteen minutes is remaining before the official start time.

Now, you ponder what to do next.

Stand up, take your phone out and hit record. Face that video on yourself to share your experience. Show your clients, business partners, and colleagues this event that holds a special meaning for you. Tell them your contribution and selection for every finite detail. Right now, your energy is infectious. Excitement is building. Thoughts are running through your mind. This charismatic state will impression upon those watching your video.

Hit share! Let this video go out into the universe of social media. We have the luxury of social media at our convenience. Let’s make a statement of courage and use it!

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