Contemporary Townhouse I Fitler Square Philadelphia, PA

As we begin, the story unfolds a lifestyle in quaint Fitler Square. Adorned with grey tones and marvelous textures as the video guides you through each room. The decor declares a stately feel with sophistication and comfort. As you gaze out the window your neighbor, the prominent Fitler Square Park greets you will open arms.

I was awestruck as I stepped into this home with a sense of joy. The rooms flow well with a pattern of textures, art, and fabrics. The arrangement of furnishing inspired the artistic angle of the video. The homeowner tended to this property with care bringing it to a new dimension for its new owner.

Francesca Ragucci Marketing had the honor of telling the story of this Pine Street townhouse.

Address: 2330 Pine St Philadelphia, PA 19103

Client: Nicole Carter I Monthly Marketing Plan

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