The Rise of Luxury Fashion Houses in the Furniture Industry

We all have that statement piece in our homes.  We look at our home like a canvas ready to create our own masterpiece. Our guests gather into rooms that embody conversation and sophistication.

The centerpiece on the dining room table, the fragrance of the candle, the statement sofa all have a voice. No matter your statement piece, we welcome it so our guests (and ourselves) will be in a state of fascination and talk about it. How about walking into your home and smelling your Gucci candle set? Are your senses coming to life now? This is the experience that we get when we experience these brands.

Psychologically, when we have an event at our house groups of people gather in specific rooms. Typically those places are number one where hor d'oeuvres are. Let’s be honest, we go to a party and we want to see the delicacies that are being served to us. As you walk into the kitchen you see artistic food styling at the center of the island. Next, you will grab a drink and start talking to people in the kitchen or you may gravitate over into the dining area to a statement piece as a point of conversation.

I believe we arrange our furnishing on purpose to create thought-provoking conversation. As we decorate for our event, these pieces are put in the home strategically in order to have our guests marvel in them.

Luxury fashion houses like Hermès, Louis Vuitton, and Gucci are seeing this as a distinct opportunity to move into the luxury fashion industry as a part of their Business model. Our favorite heritage brands are welcoming us to have their presence in our home as a statement piece. We embrace those brands because they add value to our lives as an asset and make us feel good. How about we adopt this to our homes?

Work with your interior designer to garner pieces that are perfect for your home’s personality. Pick out a chair that is so artistic you can’t even believe that it’s a chair or a coffee table with extraordinary taste in symmetry. Our favorite fashion houses recognize this opportunity as a way to give us an experience of being more a part of our lives. Imagine the emotion that will overcome you as see that Louis Vuitton centerpiece on the dining room table or sitting in that Gucci chair.

The home-ware space is upwards of a $600 billion industry anywhere from candles to utensils to chairs and centerpieces. Luxury fashion houses are having their moment now in this industry. Gucci is branching out from handbags and dresses to chairs and ceramics. Luxury e-commerce is building strategic partnerships with Moda Operandi and Amara to house their lines.

We already have a deep connection with these heritage brands. They represent elegance, class, and the investment in ourselves. The home furnishings space represents untapped potential. In 2018, we witnessed signs of the rise of luxury home goods in physical retail spaces and e-commerce. In 2019, the projections of opportunity are soaring.

The emergence of world-class names like Louis Vuitton and Gucci in the home industry are creating unique offerings to allure patrons who are already in devotion to the brands. This is another way to solidify high-end, discerning fashion houses as household names in every breath of the phrase ‘household name’.

Look at it this way, you wear your favorite Carolina Herrara dress once a week or your Gucci tux on special occasions, however, that Hermès chair that sits at the center of your house will always be in sight.

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